The Week In Comments, 21st Edition.

This Week In Comments (TWICs): Why Twitter vs. G+ matters, multi-author blogging 101, sucky business blogs, and signature content.

The week of January 13 – 19 2012.

Geoff Livingston: Why You Should Care About Twitter vs. Google+

I’m still very much on the fence about this. I can see Twitter’s point, but I can see Google’s too. It also seems a good way to drive more meaningful, strategic connections on g+ and other social networks. Curate a strong personal network, reap big rewards when you search.

FBBB: Multi-Author Blogging 101

For all the added complexities of running a multi-author site, the one really big perk is how we can all share the load together. When my partners get twisted IRL and I have to dust off my one-man-band hat, it’s obvious just how much work we get done as a team.

FBBB: Your Business Blog Sucks, Part I

There’s a special space in the digital world where upper management basically gives us permission to set things in motion they ultimately will not be able to control – to start revolutions – but we’ve got to get people to care. Nobody cares about things they don’t even know exist.

Neiman Journalism Lab: The Newsonomics of Signature Content

Signature content. Sounds like a charge to specialize; do one thing and do it better than anyone else. What a novel idea, ya know? Instead of trying to be all things to all people, delivering an overall compromise, signature content stands on its own two feet; strong, meaningful, valuable.

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Thank you for inspiring me this week. Keep going fast with class, pressing on regardless, and doing it yourself (or doing what you can).

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