The Week In Comments, 20th Edition.

This Week In Comments (TWICs): 2012 – The results of conversation, resisting the commoditization of what, why our businesses exist.

The week of January 6 – 12, 2012.

Brave New Org: Interlocutor – The Word of 2012

More and more, we need to participate – in the conversation, in what happens as a result of the conversation. What I think is particularly interesting is how the state of culture when social media began to take root influences its development.

Confused of Calcutta: Know-How & Know-Why vs. Know-What

The only cricket stats of any concern to me is how many set up camp outside my window on nights I cannot sleep, but the revelation of how ‘gamification’ *should* work, paired with the relationships between why, how & what are worth all the confusing mathsport discussion necessary to bring the topic to light.

Conversation Agent: Why Does Your Business Exist?

We might have felt burned when we got excited about something we thought would be all about us (remarkable), only to misfire in reflecting the REAL us to the rest of the world, but it’s important we not let the opportunity to help write the next chapters pass us by.

“I owe you a ten second car.”

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Thank you for inspiring me this week. Keep going fast with class, pressing on regardless, and doing it yourself (or doing what you can).

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