The Week In Comments, 13th Edition.

This Week In Comments (TWICs): Binary/logocentric logic, content isn’t king, basic brilliance, facts vs. skills & process focus.

The week of November 4 – 10, 2011.

Conversation Agent: Giving, Getting, or Being the Scoop

As for the binary/logocentric being nothing new, I wonder how the internet has contributed and if small groups of new-thinking people might tap that power to affect a fundamental change.

Goins Writer: Is Content King…  REALLY?

Content is a generic cop-out. It is mediocrity wrapped in plain, white paper with a well-used stamp of conformity across its face. It is the pursuit of the lowest common denominator; it is discount fare; it is the least expensive bag of plain potato chips on the bottom shelf.

Danny Brown: Be Brilliant at the Basics

There are two ways to “raise the bar.” The most common is to keep extending it, but the second is to lift the foundation. I prefer the latter. And lately I’ve been giving thought to how I might go about introducing some entry level stories to the mix to be sure GBXM reflects that preference.

Innovation Leadership Network: You Can’t Know Everything About Everything

Learning facts vs. skills is also interesting, in that it seems there is a desire in the business community to focus on results over processes these days. It’s as if the two don’t really match up as well as they should, which might explain quite a bit of cognitive dissonance.

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Thank you to everyone above for inspiring me this week. Keep going fast with class, pressing on regardless, and doing it yourself (or doing what you can).

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