Tim Klein on Friendship

Distillery No. 6.

This is the sixth of 365 interviews I’m going to share here over time. I’m reaching out to the people who inspire me all over the world, asking each of them the same four questions.

Tim Klein is a good friend of mine – a brother – whom I met over at 2GNT. The first gearhead distillery post, Tim has accomplished things I’ve not, simply because he’s put forth the effort to accomplish them. Where I chose to let the exterior appearance of my 97 Talon slide so as to focus on absolute performance, Tim has kept his 98 Eclipse looking good as new. Where I built one of the most powerful all-motor DSMs in the country, only to never prove it and walk away before it was completed, Tim saw things through. He’s even switched to a diet of unprocessed foods, lost almost half his body weight, quit smoking, and goes running for fun!

In many ways, I’m jealous, but moreover, I’m proud of this guy. Tim’s one of the most laid-back, genuinely good people I know, and I’m honored he thought highly enough of my little project to share his thoughts with me.

Note: Some of these will be longer, some will be shorter. I encourage people to respond as simply or as in-depth as they feel.

If you could distill everything you’ve learned so far into a single word of advice to yourself, what would that one word be?

Why does this one word mean so much to you?
Friendship is the core reason I have been able to change so much. For the car, it’s all of 2gnt. You, Dino, Zac – you all have motivated me to be better. There is this girl named Kat – one of Aaron’s friends – whom I have never met. When Aaron mentioned I was losing a ton of weight, she got my contact info from him. She has lost a ton of weight as well. She is one of my huge motivators on that front. Kat has turned into one of my best friends – I can ask her anything. One of my coworkers quit smoking about a month before I did. Kelly is awesome on the not smoking front. Zac is awesome – he will come over at 9pm to pull pistons out of a two week old motor because you ordered the wrong size rings, installed them, then revved the car out to 9000rpm. These are just a few examples though – all of my friends mean the world to me.

So as you can see, it all starts with friendship.

How does this one word impact what you do (or want to do) with your life?
I have amazing friends. In life I try to be the best friend that I can be – to everyone. Hopefully I can help others make the changes that I have. I have great examples to work with though.

What has this word done for you so far?
Friendship has changed my life. I feel better than I ever have before, I completed a 5k! That is a huge feat for someone way out shape with more arthritis than most 90 year olds. Friendship not only motivates me – it has also extended my life.

You can connect with Tim on 2GNT or on Twitter.
(I would encourage you to do so.)

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Your Distilled Thoughts:

  • What does friendship mean to you?
  • How do YOU feel about friendship?
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  • Dusten B.

    Tim’s an awesome dude. I wish I was as motivated to change my life as much as he has.

  • Ditto. 

  • Tim Klein

    Thanks B and Dusten – it means alot.

    I was reminded of Friendship Monday when this article was published. I had to put my best friend down. He was 3.5yrs old and the best dog ever. On one hand I was very sad, but at the same time it was our friendship that allowed me to end his suffering. Bye Patches, I will miss you dude.

  • Tim, I am so sorry to hear about Patches. All I can say is remember the good times, instead of wish-we-could times. Anything I can do to help, just let me know, okay, brother?