The Future of Work

Work-life parallel.

You might have noticed the little text-widget in the upper right-hand corner of my site where I have my working credo displayed. The first concept on that list is work-life parallel. Asking me to describe such a thing is a great way to lose a couple hours of your day, but damn, I’ve had a taste and it’s super important.

Why work/life balance sucks
Balance is all about equilibrium – opposing forces in equal measures – and, in a sense, that’s a good thing, but the way I see it, balance is a constant juggling act. I feel an inherent struggle between work (what we have to do) and life (what we want to do), which bugs me. Sure, if we work harder (and/or smarter), we stand to have better lives, but the whole concept of work/life balance – to me – means keeping these two as polar opposites.

Luis Suarez shared this video. I love it.

Having spent over a decade participating in and developing online communities, I’ve seen firsthand the potential of this kind of thinking. One person who truly believes in what he or she is doing is more effective than ten working stiffs just doing their jobs. This is all fueled by passion, built on foundations of trust, and spoken in terms of why and how.

Why work-life-parallel rocks
When work (what we have to do) and life (what we want to do) are in alignment, the two become one. Work-life parallel removes the fulcrum, eliminating the invisible line between work and life. Work is no longer a chore. Play is no longer a guilty pleasure. If what we do for a living is what we live for doing, what need have we for retirement?

  • How close to this future are you?
  • Why do you agree or disagree?
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  • Rob

    Hi Brian,
    I love this perspective… thanks for sharing that video. In my day there is no separation between my work and my “life.” I call it being Wonderfully Obsessed and Inspiringly addicted… and in my opinion it is the highest and most natural state to be in (My Wonderful Obsession is my writing). ¬†These Wonderful Obsessions and Inspiring Addictions bring out the best in us. When we accept this reality, we experience ourselves as the super sufficient beings we truly are.¬†

  • No problem, Rob. I love it for the same reasons. I also immediately identify with your being “Wonderfully Obsessed and Inspiringly Addicted.” Those make so much sense.

    Wonderfully Obsessed, in that, we feel totally immersed in life. What we need to do and what we want to do are one and the same. I’m not quite there yet – but I’m working toward it.

    Inspiringly Addicted, to me, means being addicted to the rush of positive reinforcement that results from our taking actions to make a difference. We may not be successful every time we try taking action in alignment with our dreams, but between learning from our mistakes and making progress where we succeed, there is a positive shot in the arm with each attempt – and that’s pretty addicting.

    Thank you for stopping by, Rob. I appreciate it.